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Registered breeder of Scottish Folds Shorthair.

•Our prefix name is ARKERKITTS, Registered with Ancats.

•We ask for a NON REFUNDABLE deposit, to hold your kitten until it is ready for its new home. 

  • We offer transport Australia wide at buyers expense.

•We do not let our kittens go any earlier than 14 weeks.

•All our kittens come with first 2 vaccinations, desexing, vet check, pedigree papers, worming, well socialised, and microchipping.

•Scottish fold kittens are born with straight ears at about 4-6 weeks they will start to fold, we will not be able to confirm until this time.

•There are a couple of factors which can lift or even unfold the ears of a Scottish Fold, among which are heat, teething, stress, illness, pregnancy and cycling of the cat.

This is totally out of the breeder's control.

Please remember:

Even if the kittens ears "un fold" it is still a fold.

The degree of fold can change beyond 11 or 12 weeks; some become full fold (triple fold ) some change to (double fold) and other change to single fold and this may look like straight ear although it is still very much a fold.

•Our cats and kittens are never caged and have their own nursery with mum, until they are ready to walk around our home. Our cats and kittens also are never allowed to roam around outside.

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